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What is a Men's Shed?

The basic premise of each Men's Shed is to provide a local, informal location where the men of a community can spend time engaged in manual crafts such as woodworking, metal working or the restoration of old furniture, objects, machines etc.

The shed is a place for men to be socially active and form friendships, and allows new opportunities for activity and interaction in their lives post-work. Sheds are often open a few days a week.

Members range from men who are using tools for the first time, to experienced woodworkers looking to maintain and hone their existing skills. The shed environment is positive and encouraging no matter what a man's ability, and there is a strong focus on learning new skills, encouraging one another and working together.

The objects of our Shed are:

  • Linking men in the community to services and support structures to enhance their health and wellbeing.
  • Providing a space to facilitate men of all ages participating in work projects that can benefit both themselves and the community.
  • Fostering, maintaining and expanding men's social and educational networks.
  • The mentoring of youth in the local community.